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About the Swivel! technique

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If you sit in a chair that spins around, who cannot resist the temptation to have a few twirls occasionally, just for the sheer pleasure of swivelling around?


We all have moments during the day when we need to break the tension or distract ourselves before we completely unravel. Whether we seem tied to a desk, are stuck in traffic, or tired of picking up clothes and toys off the floor, we can all benefit from a good swirl - mentally or physically - to shake off the tedium, nervousness, or tiredness. If we can't find relief from stress, there is a risk that these unwelcome tensions can build up and start to have a deeply unsatisfying, negative impact on us.

Swivel! is the name of my method to disrupt negative patterns and emotions that occur throughout the day. At the basic level, there are three groups of activities: Breathe, Stretch, and Move, which you can use at any time. More than mindfulness exercises, Swivel! offers you movement variations to enhance the sense of release within one minute or less.

The technique draws on a spectrum of dance styles, free movement and improvisation methods, yoga exercises, neuroscience, creativity, and a little magic. “Little and often” is key, and repetition of each activity, should you wish to, helps to reinforce the new positivity. With practice, you discover that you can switch off any unhelpful negativity and increase your creativity. With these indispensable skills you may welcome your present time and embrace the future with positivity, joy, and gratitude, and a new sense of well-being.

Swivel! is a unique collection of activities and games designed to help restore a sense of well-being and positivity for everyone and anyone. It is completely adaptable to almost any environment and situation: at home, at school, at work; indoors, outdoors; individually, in pairs, or with your family, friends or colleagues. The only rule is to focus completely on the game you are playing for one minute.

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About Swivel!

About the Swivel! creator


My name is Theresa Cameron and I created the Swivel! technique.

Too often, I have seen people become overwhelmed by a niggling irritation, which occurs time and again, building up to cause stress, depression, and unhappiness.

As a former ballet dancer, dance educator, and office worker, I have brought together all my expertise to help people disrupt the negative patterns and emotions that have brought them to the point of physical and mental ill-health. In the dance studios, schools, and other institutions, I saw the transformation that my techniques can bring to people of all ages. Now technology allows me to share with you, wherever you are.


As a favour to yourself, please try Swivel! and discover your own power to release stress, especially while we endure these uncertain times and learn to adapt to a new future.

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