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Swivel! basics to try now and use any time

Swivel! is designed to be done at any time, and is especially effective when you notice you are stressed. Try Swivel! before asking for a pay rise, during a meeting that is going on too long, when in a crowded train or bus or stuck in traffic. Use Swivel! to disrupt any negative thoughts or behaviours. Just because you dropped a cup yesterday does not mean you are going to break a cup or anything else today - but a voice in your head might be suggesting that you will! Swivel! can help you switch off that voice in an instant.


Here are sample swivels for breathing, stretching, and moving. Practise these swivels and remember them. Then you can use them whenever you feel stressed. Sixty seconds is all it takes. If you find that you haven't quite thrown off that negative emotion, repeat the exercise or try a different one that may work better for you.

Swivel! Breathe

Stand, sit, or lie down - whichever you wish.
Breathe in while you count to 6.
Breathe out while you count to 6.
Do this sequence 6 times, or more if you wish.

One minute is all you need to reset your mind and relax.

maat4all breathe
breathe for 6
Swivel! Stretch
circle to stretch
maat4all stretch

Stand or sit - whichever you wish. Arms by your side.
Breathe in as you lift your arms slowly in a big circle until your hands meet above your head.
Breathe out while you slowly open your arms until you arrive at your start position.
Repeat 3 times, or more if you wish.

Swivel! Move
maat4all move

Stand or sit - whichever you wish. Feet flat on the floor slightly apart, toes pointing forwards. Arms  at your side..

Keeping your heel on the ground, lift the toes of your right foot and tap the ground 6 times.

Do the same with the toes of your left foot.

Repeat the sequence one or two more times, or as many times as you wish.

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