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Swivel! in action


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"I am loving your Swivel! Unwinding without Unraveling mini-exercises! What valuable thoughts for the body, mind and spirit."

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Andrea Miller, charity director
Broken to Brilliant

"I am so grateful to have connected with Swivel! out of stress. The quick easy daily activities are fun and fabulous while being really varied and ensuring I take time out of my busy day to stop and relax, even for a minute or two.

Thank you.

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Jennifer O Neill, technical writer

“Swivel! is great for showing me movements that help me stretch and relax yet which don’t assume I’m super fit or flexible. And there are lots of movements to select from! It’s particularly good for simple effective exercises to do when seated at your desk (which is where I spend much of my working week)."

About Swivel!

In these uncertain times, it is sometimes difficult to stay positive. Swivel! out of stress is designed to help you unwind and rediscover your sense of well-being and happiness.

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