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About me

My name is Theresa Cameron, and I'm the creator of Swivel! I am a former professional ballet dancer, who then studied Creative Dance and Dance Therapy, and later gained two masters' degrees. I've had the thrill of living in different countries and working in schools and colleges, local businesses, global corporations, and international institutions. I now live in lovely Lyon, France, speak three languages, and look after two cats.

Swivel! with cats

So believe me when I say that I've got you covered. I know the environments that you're in and the stress that you may encounter on a daily basis. This is why Swivel! exists. It's there for you, whenever or wherever you find yourself feeling stressed.

About Swivel!

Swivel! merges the element of surprise ("disruption" in business terms) with natural movement into a technique to dispel stress within seconds.


Stress and negativity let us give up on ourselves far too easily but we can change that with Swivel!. Because we can only fully concentrate on one thing at a time, a 60-second "swivel" will force your brain to forget about the stress while it focuses on the activity, just like when you press the Reset button on a computer or phone.

With Swivel!, there is no right or wrong. Everyone of us is unique and we move in our own way. The only rules are:

1) that you focus completely on the swivel; and

2) that you do no harm to yourself or others

Swivel! is for everyone - any age, any gender, any culture; with or without experience in fitness. It can be done anywhere - at home, in the office, on the bus, in a waiting room or queue, and so on. And it can be done at almost any time - no need to go to a gym or wear special clothes.

Why Swivel!?

Swivel! anywhere
Swivel! in any situation
Swivel! is for all ages


Swivel! is for everyone. Some of the people between the ages of 3 and 83 who have tried it out include: a bank manager, musicians, medical professionals, dancers, retirees, office workers, pre-school kids, older children and students, town councillors, charity workers, writers, and so on. You can also Swivel! with friends, colleagues, and family.


You can do a swivel almost anywhere. Wherever you find yourself stressed, chances are that you can also do a swivel there - in meetings, in the dentist's waiting room, in the supermarket, on the beach, at the bus stop, in the train, and so on. Others have, so why not you?


Some people like to start the day with Swivel! Others prefer to have a break at their desk with a swivel. And some use swivel when they're feeling stressed - before a meeting with the boss or a presentation, before an exam, when waiting, when something triggers a stress button. You choose. A swivel a day will always be good for you.

Swivel! Gallery

Here are a few images of swivels. For all the instructions, join the group on Facebook: Swivel! out of stress

Swivel! is easy
Shake, stretch, and balance with Swivel!
Swivel! on the go or on the spot
Stress relief in seconds with Swivel!

Join Swivel!

Try for yourself and see what Swivel! can offer you

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Join the group on Facebook: Swivel! out of stress

Try Swivel! for yourself at home or in the office with your colleagues.

Swivels are posted Monday to Friday and there's a huge archive as well.


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What people say about Swivel!

"I am so grateful to have connected with Swivel! out of stress. The quick easy daily activities are fun and fabulous while being really varied and ensuring I take time out of my busy day to stop and relax, even for a minute or two. Thank you."

Andrea Miller

Charity Director, Broken to Brilliant



Swivel! can adapt to many situations. If you'd like to know about Swivel! for your team or school, or simply have more information, please complete the form.

Thanks for reaching out!

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